ReInventing Yourself for Success (Coaching)

A coach is a companion to travel with you, on your path to higher levels of success, or resolution of a problem.  The coach throws light on the hidden parts of using your psyche, using Accelerated Learning Techniques and The Power of the Sub-Conscious Mind. The coach helps you in devising a workable action plan, and ensures that you stay on course, till you have reached the destination.

Coaching for Survival – For People going through any kind of transition in life –whether planned or imposed, will need help in sailing through it.

Coaching for Excellence – To bring out the best in a person, for achievement of a specific goal.

Areas of Coaching :

  1. Career Coaching for students and executives
  2. Executive Coaching to improve Sales and Productivity
  3. Financial Coaching
  4. Coaching for retired people, people about-to-retire, or empty-nesters ( couples whose children have moved out)
  5. Coaching for the bereaved or recently-divorced
  6. Coaching for immigrants to a different place or culture
  7. Coaching for patients suffering from long-drawn out diseases, and victims of violence or abuse
  8. Entrepreneurship Coaching